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My name is Wendy Arezou.  I have always believed that good drinks and good food brought people together.  Whether it is a large celebration or party, or an intimate meeting of two…  Food and drink are the core of our survival.

I am not a professional marketer and started this site mainly as a hobby.  My sister Eve was my inspiration for the idea.  I wanted to share my love of good food and good drink with others, and she helped me learn.  I also have a lot of contacts in the food and drink industry that I figured I could partner with to help people find what they are looking for when it comes to food, drinks, or entertaining essentials.  

Some of them have already started offering me the opportunity to share special deals and discounts with people that decide to subscribe to my newsletter.  This is not my full-time job, so no need to worry about me spamming your email if you do decide to sign up.  I will only send newsletters when I am offered special deals or discounts or news that I feel might interest you.  You can use the form here if you are interested, and for signing up today I am offering a free guide about wines and spirits…  If you decide not to sign up, I hope you will come back here often and enjoy the site as it grows…